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2010-12-30 09:48:17 by Macros247

Well thanks NG for only emailing my Gmail account when I had had 3 PMs in my inbox for 3 days... Fucks sake.

Bungy Jumped

2010-04-03 01:23:06 by Macros247 yAIM
I feel manly

Bungy Jumped

I'm leaving

2010-03-10 06:26:49 by Macros247

On a jet plane! Seeya in the summer newgrounds!
See ya soon New zealand :D

3 days

2010-03-07 18:29:00 by Macros247

3 days till I head off to new zealand and my trip around the world!
Cannot wait now, and just to be nice and to pass the time I'm doing one more big thing before going. heres the lineart for what I've done so far

3 days


2010-02-25 18:58:24 by Macros247

So I crush my own pride by post some prons on ng and now you all love me?

If it's true that geeks shall inherit the world than I fear for all the remaining women left after the great war that will inevitably happen. They're doomed to exist as sex toys and slaves for the fat lazy dicks left alive.
Damn I can't wait XD

Seriously though, if all the geeks where to declare war on all the jocks we would own the world in a matter of days. The dudes who compete in robot wars would wipe out most of them in a second and then NASA would find the rest and imprison them in a weird prison where all they can do is compete in gladiatorial blood sports for our viewing pleasure!

TL:DR. Angry ravings of an 18 yo virgin D=


2010-02-15 22:19:06 by Macros247

Why does no one scout me? It makes me sad :(

New year

2010-01-04 21:12:45 by Macros247

New post! Flixel february, art requests, and taking part in the Sketch collab 2010. Everythings happening :D

New year


2009-03-26 13:39:26 by Macros247

Well apparently making a really good game can make you some real good moneysss, and as a guy planning to travel the world that'd be sweet! So I'm gonna make some sprites, upload them on here and then if anyone wants to work with me to make a game I'd love to!
I just cbf to learn action script I guess XD

Also, making flashes really is a bitch isn't it? Takes me hours to get even 10 seconds done ¬_¬ Fucking me and my need to hand draw every frame and my refusal to use tweens or anything ¬_¬

Oh and lastly, artyness :D cos I can :)


Anyone read this crap?

2009-03-17 20:44:40 by Macros247

So I'm just really starting my adventure into the world of flash. Sure I've been doing crappy stick animations for years now. But finally I want to get serious, and start making decent animations that can be called art!
Currently working on a fight scene between a bandana wearing guy and some weird wireframe thing. But other than that I don't have much in the way of a plot XD Ideas anyone?